VOL 6.| NO.2 | July 2016


Melioidosis: An Emerging Infection in Bangladesh


Histopathological Pattern of Glomerulonephritis: Experience from BIRDEM General Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh
Samad T, Iqbal S, Haque WMM, Rahim MA, Haque HF, Ananna MA, Afsana F, Chowdhury TA
Organophosphorus Compound Poisoning and Its Outcome: Experience from a
Teaching Hospital of Bangladeh
Islam MD, Akter K, Hoque MA, Ekram ARMS
Bacterial Etiology, Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern and Risk Factors for Asymptomatic
Bacteriuria during Pregnancy: Experience in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Khanum S, Ahmed JU, Khanam K
Hemodynamic Tolerability of Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis in Critically Ill Patients with Acute Kidney Injury
Fatema K, Faruq MO, Hoque MM, Ahsan ASMA, Khanam PA, Ahmed F
Initiation of Diabetes Treatment: Variations from Current Guidelines
Ashrafuzzaman SM, Mir AS, Latif ZA
Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Iqbal S, ChowdhuryTA, AnannaMA, Rahim MA, Haque WMM, SamadT, Billah MM, Bhuiyan MM, Mitra P
Diabetes amongst Leprosy-Disabled People in Bangladesh: A Cross-sectional Survey
Butlin CR, Hossain D, Singh S, Warrender TS
Treating Malignancy: Four-Year Experience in Internal Medicine Department, BIRDEM General Hospital
Sarker RSC, Rahman MR, Afroze SR, Rahim MA, Uddin KN


Demographic Status and Blood Group of Family Blood Donors with a Focus on Their Rejectio
Dipta TF, Akhter Z, Datta A, Nahar Q, Islam MA



Cross-matches in Transplantation: Each is Complementary to Other
Haque WMM, Rahim MA



Tuberous Sclerosis: A Case Report
Islam MR, Rahman T, Habib R, Safdar AMB, Rahman A, Bhowmik NB, Haque MA
Cutaneous Manifestations of Sarcoidosis : Reports of Two Cases
Akter T, Zaid RB
Successful Pregnancy Outcome in a Patient with Protein S Deficiency: A Case Report
Khanam K, Karim R, Khanum S
Preventable Blindness due to Ankyloblepharonin Stevens-Johnson Syndrome–A Case Report
Goswami MK & Asaduzzaman M