This peer reviewed journal is an important assortment of different articles related to various disciplines of medical and allied sciences. It welcomes original articles, review articles, meta-analysis, systematic reviews and case reports from physicians and allied professionals of different … Continue reading

Answer to Medical Quiz: Images

Answer Q1. (Fig. 1) CT angiogram of aorta and its branches showing kinking of proximal part of right common carotid artery. Right subclavian artery is visualized only in proximal part. Left subclavian artery stenosis and irregularities at its proximal part … Continue reading

Medical Quiz:Images

  Zaman Sa, Rahim MAb, Sayami LAc, Islam AKMMd A 40-year-old cultivator presented with progressively deteriorating claudication pain involving right upper limb and both lower limbs for 8 months. Over the last few months, he had been suffering from low … Continue reading

Emerging Viral Diseases

  Ahmed JUa, Rahim MAb, Uddin KNc Abstract: Human life is intricately related to it’s surrounding environment which also harbors other animals and some deadly infectious pathogens. Any threat to the environment can thus increase the threat of new and … Continue reading