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Birdem Medical Journal Volume 5,No 2,July 2015 uploaded.  

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Dr. Umme Kulsum Associate Professor Department of Conservative Dentistry Dhaka Dental College   Download PDF

From the Desk of Executive Editor

This peer reviewed journal is an important assortment of different articles related to various disciplines of medical sciences. It welcomes original articles, review articles,meta-analysis, systematic reviews and case reports from physicians and allied professionals of different medical institutions from home and abroad. … Continue reading


Excerpts from speech by Secretary General BADAS (Bangladesh Diabetic Samity) in Annual General Meeting (AGM) Services rendered by Diabetic Samity: Total number of patient served: Registered to BIRDEM and Organizations affiliated to BADAS: 26 lac (BIRDEM 5.54 lakh, BIHS 2.57 … Continue reading

Medical Quiz: SBA – Answers

  Question No. 1: Correct Answer – A This patient is suffering from metastatic breast cancer involving the spine and ribs and presents with the common but life-threatening oncological emergency of hypercalcaemia. Within the hospital setting hypercalcaemia is most commonly … Continue reading

Answer to Medical Quiz: Images

1. Epiglottis appears to be swollen and nodular in appearance causing partial narrowing of air column. Soft tissue anterior to hyoid also appears to be swollen. 2. Acute epiglottitis. Download PDF

Medical Quiz: Single Best Answer (SBA)

Question No. 01 A known breast cancer patient presents with delirium, diffuse abdominal pain, fatigue and increasing thirst. She also complains of pain in the back and tenderness on the right side of her chest. How would this clinical condition … Continue reading

Medical Quiz: Image

Saha DKa, Saha Ma, Islam Rb   A 75-year-old diabetic, hypertensive male got admitted in BIRDEM ICU with fever and pain during swallowing for 5 days and difficulty in breathing for 2 days. On examination, he was febrile, tachycardic, tachypnoeic … Continue reading

Broad Ligament Fibroid: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Sultana Na, Jalil Mb, Ferdous Fc, Rahman Sc, Begum Rd   Abstract   Leiomyomas are the commonest of all pelvic tumors. One-fifth women of reproductive age group suffer from this condition. Tumors of broad ligament are rare. Most common solid tumor … Continue reading