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BIRDEM MEDICAL JOURNAL agrees to accept manuscript prepared in accordance with the ĎUniform Requirements Submitted to the Biomedical Journalsí Published in the New England Journal of Medicine 1991;324: 424-8.
Aims and scope:
BIRDEM is going to publish 6 monthly journal based in clinical and laboratory based research in medical and allied science. It will try to feature the best clinical and laboratory based research on various disciplines of medical science for medical scientists to share experiences which will help others to render better patient care. Conditions for submission of manuscript:

  • All manuscripts are subject to peer-review.
  • Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they are not under simultaneous consideration by any other publication.
  • Submission of a manuscript for publication implies the transfer of the copyright from the author to the publisher upon acceptance. Accepted manuscripts become the permanent property of reproduced by any means in whole or in part without the written consent of the publisher.
  • It is the authorís responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce illustrations, tables etc. from other publication.
Ethical aspects:
  • Any manuscript that includes table, illustration or photograph that have been published earlier should accompany a letter of permission for re-publication from the author(s) of the publication and editor/publisher of the Journal where it was published earlier.
  • Permission of the patients and/or their families to reproduce
    photographs of the patients where identity is not disguised
    should be sent with the manuscript.

Preparation of manuscript:

a) Manuscript should be written in English and type on one side of A4 size white paper.

b) Double spacing should be used throughout.

c) Margin should be 5 cm for the header and 2.5 cm for the remainder.

d) Style should be that of modified Vancouver.

e) Each of the following section should begin on separate page:

  • Title page
  • Summary/abstract
  • Text
  • Acknowledgement
  • References
  • Tables and legends
f) Pages should be numbered consecutively at the lower right hand cover of each page beginning with the title page
Tile Page:
The title page should contain:
  • Title of the article (should be concise, informative and selfexplanatory)
  • Name of each author with highest academic degree
  • Name of the department and institute where the work was carried out
  • Name and address of the author to whom correspondence regarding manuscript to be made.
  • Name and address of the author to whom request for reprint should be addressed Summary/Abstract:
The summary/abstract of the manuscript:
  • Should be informative
  • Should be limited to less than 200 words
  • Should be suitable for use by abstracting journals and include data on the problem, materials and method, results and conclusion
  • Should emphasize mainly on new and important aspects of the study
  • Should contain only approved abbreviations
Should include:
  • Nature and purpose of the study
  • Rationale of the study/observation
  • Strictly pertinent references
  • Brief review of the subject except excepting data and conclusion
Materials and method:

Should be very clear and describe:

  • The selection criteria of the study population including controls (if, any)
  • The methods and the apparatus used in the research.
  • The procedure of the study in such a detail so that other worker can reproduce the results.
  • Previously published methods (if applicable) with appropriate citations.

Should be:

  • Presented in Logical sequence in the text, tables and illustrations.
  • Described without comment
  • Supplemented by concise textual description of the data presented in table and figures where it is necessary
Following principles should be followed:
  • Tables should be simple, self-explanatory and supplement, not duplicate the text
  • Each table should have a title and typed in double space in separate sheet.
  • They should be numbered consecutively with roman numerical in order of text. Page number should be in the lower right corner.
  • If abbreviations are to be used, they should be explained in footnotes.
  • All illustrations must be numbered and cited in the text.
  • Print photograph of each illustration should be submitted
  • Figure number, title of manuscript, name of corresponding author and arrow indicating the top should be typed on a sticky label and affixed on the back of each illustration.
  • Original drawings, graphs, charts and letters should be prepared on an illustration board or high grade white drawing paper by an experienced medical illustrator.

Figures and photographs:

  • Should be use only where data cannot be expressed in any other form.
  • Soul be on mounted glossy print in sharp focus, 12.7 x 17.3 ems in size
  • Should bear number, title of manuscript, name of corresponding author and arrow indicating the top on a sticky table and affixed on the back of each illustration.


  • Must be typed in a separate sheet of paper.
  • Photomicrographs should indicate the magnification, internal scale and the method of staining.


  • All scientific units should be expressed in System International (Sl) units.
  • All drugs should be mentioned in their generic form. The commercial name may however be used within brackets.

The discussion section should reflect:

  • The authors’ comment on the results and to relate them to those of other authors.
  • The relevance to experimental research or clinical practice.
  • Well-founded arguments


This section of the manuscript

  • Should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text.
  • Should be identified in the text by superscript in Arabic numerical.
  • Should use the form of references adopted by US National Library of Medicine and used in Index Medicine and used in Index medicns.


Individuals, organizations or bodies may be acknowledged in the article and may include:

  • Name (or a list) of funding bodies.
  • Name of the organization(s) and individual(s) with their consent.
Manuscript submission:

Manuscript should be submitted to the Executive Editor and must be accompanied by a covering letter and following inclusions:

a) A statement that the manuscript has been read, approved and signed by all author.
b) If the article is a whole or part of the dissertation or thesis submitted for diploma/degree, it should be mentioned in detail. In this case the name of the investigator and guide must be specifically mentioned.

Submissions must be in triplicates with four sets of illustrations. Text must be additionally submitted in a CD.

Editing and peer review:
All submitted manuscripts are subject to scrutiny by the Editor in-chief or any member of the Editorial Board. Manuscrips containing materials without sufficient scientific value and of a priority issue, or not fulfilling the requirement for publication may be rejected or it may be sent back to the author(s) for resubmission with necessary modifications to suit one of the submissions with necessary modifications to suit one of the submission categories. Manuscripts fulfilling the requirements and found suitable for consideration are sent for peer review. Articles found suitable for publication by the reviewer, may need revision/modifications before being finally accepted. Editorial Board finally decides upon the publishability of the reviewed and revision/modifications submission. Proof of accepted manuscript may be sent to the author, and should be corrected and sent to the editorial office within one week. All accepted manuscripts are edited according to the journalís style.

Reprints for the author(s):

Copies of each published article will be provided to the corresponding author free of cost.
Additional reprints may be obtained by prior request.

Communication for manuscript submission:
Communication information for all correspondence is always printed in the title page of the journal. Any additional information or any other inquiry relating to submission of the article the Executive Editor or the Journal office may be contacted.

No part of the materials published in this journal may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher

Reprints of any article in the Journal will be available from the publisher.

Annual subscription
Local BDT 200/-
Overseas $ 20/-
Should be sent to:
Executive Editor:
BIRDEM Medical Journal
BIRDEM, Room No. 1116
122, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
Tel: 9661551-60

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